"Let the Light Shine In"

About Us

I am 21 years old, in college and thinking window cleaning would be a good, flexible way to make money while in college. I was given one day training and a couple weeks later sent to my first days’ worth of jobs. That was 30+ years ago. I finished college, but haven’t found a way out of the window cleaning service. I kind of like it and am pretty good at it. Nothing about window cleaning takes me by surprise. Hence, the business name…

”The Window Cleaner”

I now have a 22 year old son, Josiah, partnering with me in the business. He has worked summers for me since he was 15. He has been well trained unlike I was at his age. He understands my ways. When you get him….you get me.

We are efficient and do a top quality job, leaving “a small foot print”. We are professional, yet personal. We interact as much or little as is desired. We prefer to have clients rather than customers. Once is not enough.

A client and now a dear friend describe my way of doing business:

"I don't remember who first recommended Randy to me almost 20 years ago. Randy comes to our home, and he leaves more than clean windows behind. He leaves us better. Over the years, he listened with interest to our stories, and we learned some of his. Through times of good news or bad, Randy's perspective on life, parenting, self-awareness were the gifts he left behind. When he leaves, your windows will sparkle, yes. And, Randy will leave invisible footprints - on you!"

This is who we are and the standards we embody.

Anyone can leave with a window cleaned, but, we…..

> Leave a small foot print.
> Efficient and thorough.
> Respectful and honest.
> Serving with kindness.
> Aware of the surroundings.
> Trustworthy and personal.
> Punctual.
> Fair in pricing.
> Satisfaction guaranteed.

You will not be disappointed!

For over 30 years of being in business, hundreds of clients…
this has been their experience.

Thanks For Visiting, Randy