"Let the Light Shine In"

Our Services

All our services are charged by the job rendered rather than by the hour.

Window Cleaning -

Our window cleaning service provides you with not only cleaning the glass, but mopping up and wiping the sills and tracks clean. We remove and reinstall screens. They can be cleaned for an additional charge. Our technique rarely requires a ladder to come into a home. We remove and put back items that are in the way. Again, our technique requires little to be moved. We take the highest care when outside around the garden and shrubbery. We also clean sky lights for an additional charge. We will let you know if any windows are failing or are flawed.

Gutter Cleaning -

Our gutter cleaning service is done the best way not to create a mess. We scoop out the gutters and valleys with a brush. Check and clean downspouts. We can power air blow off and treat a roof with moss killer for an extra charge. We DO NOT pressure wash roofs. It will shorten its life. All debris is put in your yard waste can. If you don’t have one, we’ll take it with us.

Christmas Lighting -

Our Christmas Lighting service happens mostly in November thru early December. We install your provided lights and electrical cords how you desire then take them down in early January all for the initial cost. We can go to about 35 feet high and trees about the same height. We will come out up to 2 times if needed for failed or burned out lights. This year we are offering a 10% discount per new referral that has the service done in 2014. Yup, 10 referrals get you a free installation.

Power Washing -

We pressure wash mostly driveways and walkways. We can wash a house or an RV on a lesser setting. We do not pressure wash roofs.