"Let the Light Shine In"

What Our Customers Say

“Randy is a true partner in keeping our house in great running order! He is trustworthy, reliable and works independently. Randy does a great job keeping our windows clean and shiny and his services go beyond window cleaning--for years now, we have relied on him to keep our gutters free of debris and identify potential problem spots around the property. “

- Stephanie D., Medina

“Randy always does an excellent job of cleaning our windows. He is on time and very efficient. I highly recommend him for any window cleaning.”

- Jody, Clyde Hill

(a client for nearly 20 years)

“Randy comes to our home and he leaves more than clean windows behind. He leaves us better.”

-Susan, Mercer Island

(20 year client)

“Randy gets the job done, always thorough and delightful!”

- Rena, Madison Park

( a client for 25 years)

“Randy leaves a small foot print”

- Mary Lu, Vashon